packing boxes

Fulfillment services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arizona. Proven solution for pick and pack order fulfillment.

Transport Systems offers efficient storage, picking, packing and shipment of parcel orders to both businesses and consumers.  TSI and its partners have managed high-volume, each-pick fulfillment of literature, tapes, DVDs, gift items and other consumer products.  Our NJ warehouse fulfillment center enables regional next day delivery to NJ, NY, NH, RI, ME, PA, CT, MA, DE, MD, Washington DC, and VA.

Fulfillment services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Arizona

  • customer service/administration
  • order processing with credit verification
  • warehousing with computerized inventory management, including batch control
  • shipping and receiving
  • special assembly, kitting, labeling, packing, and other value added services
  • pre-pack and kit assembly, including high-volume gift set assembly
  • literature fulfillment
  • on-site printing of order picking tickets and customized packing lists
  • full EDI/WINS capability, including UCC 128 labeling and ASN

Benefits of Fulfillment Services 

  • Reliable service and competitive pricing based on 15 years of experience managing warehousing and fulfillment, including literature fulfillment
  • Non-asset based model to expand and contract space based on seasonal demand
  • Inventory visibility to keep you informed and in control
  • Single-source solution for order processing, warehousing and shipping

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