Turnkey solution for high-volume, direct-to-store delivery in the Northeast helps meet delivery requirements for advertised promotions

Store promotions are the lifeblood of retail establishments like grocery stores.  A reliable replenishment program makes sure goods arrive at the store just before the promotion hits so shelves can be immediately stocked. Transport Systems helps manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods manage reliable direct-to-store delivery in the Northeast. 

We have a proven model for coordinating high-volume store replenishments with an established network of carriers that specialize in store-direct delivery.  Our award-winning solution has involved direct-to-store delivery to as many as 130 stores in 3 days. 

A proven process for store-direct delivery in the Northeast

  • Coordination of inbound shipments to TSI's warehouse to assure proper manpower, dock doors and space are available.
  • Warehousing and inventory management. We segregate, pull and consolidate orders, hold and release time-sensitive inventory, provide daily inventory updates.
  • Order processing.  Orders begin arriving early in the week to support direct-to-store delivery at the end of the week. 
  • Coordination with carriers and stores to make scheduled store-direct deliveries, often within a very tight time window. 
  • Delivery and contingency planning.  TSI monitors deliveries and arranges alternate delivery if trucks run into problems.
  • Customer service and tracking. 

Need direct-to-store delivery in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the Northeast?

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