Five Reasons to Choose Transport Systems for custom packaging in New Jersey and the Northeast

  1. Our strategic partners have handled hundreds of custom packaging assignments, so you can have confidence the job will be done right.  Examples:
    1. For Pokemon – removal of individual games out of boxes, creation of kit, and shrink wrapping the kit as a separate SKU  
    2. For Gloria Vanderbilt – opening master pack of jeans and mixing of different colors and sizes to create 10-packs that were boxed and shipped based on retailer preferences 
  2. Our facility and specialized custom packaging equipment allows you to avoid capital investments and convert packaging space in your facility to manufacturing space. 
  3. Integrated solution for storing, packaging and shipping your goods saves you time spent managing multiple vendors. 
  4. Custom packaging product in the warehouse can decrease your labor costs since warehouse labor is typically cheaper than manufacturing.  We also can manage a flexible labor force by strategically using trained temporary workers for high-volume, short-term projects. 
  5. Management of custom packaging suppliers (corrugated, shrink-wrap material, equipment suppliers, etc) saves you additional time and reduces your space requirements. 

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